Ready, steady, go!
Right at the start there’s a water hazard which turns this par 4 into a real challenge to kick things off! Play continues in the direction of the green, then gently down the slope – but be careful, because it’s better to come a little short because balls that overshoot the green are rarely found again...


Fairway with a gentle climb
This par 4 is a real joy to play - the green is directly ahead of the tee and the fairway involves a gentle climb. To be on the safe side, aim to stay a little to the left - as the right hand side hides a whole host of invisible bunkers!


Difficult Par 5
Aim for the other side of the stream towards the trees on the right hand side, then cut left for the entire length of this long fairway. The difficult part comes once you reach the green, which is the highest point of this hole and the ball will easily roll backwards – better to play towards the stone wall next to the right-hand edge of...


Chance for a hole in one
A short par 3, fast over a stream with a change in height. Take two clubs less for this hole. If playing for safety, aim slightly to the right. The ultimate chance for a hole in one! Good luck!


Tee off across the small gulley
The only difficult part of this par 4 is the tee-off across the small gulley. Looks can be deceiving as it’s not as far as it looks and therefore it’s easy to overshoot. Then keep it high over the fairway, head for the green, chip it in and finish by sinking a putt! A fantastic view and the first direct view over...


Par 4 – This is the toughest hole of the entire course
The first shot should be on the short side, staying slightly to the right. The second shot however should head slightly to the left, otherwise you might find your ball on the fairway to hole 3 instead!


The green has four plateaus
This par 4 heads uphill pretty quickly! The green has four plateaus and, depending on the position of the flag, can represent a real challenge. Be careful with chip shots – the ball can easily roll back!


Relatively straightforward par 3
This par 3 hole is relatively straightforward as the course heads back downhill! Take three clubs less for this hole! Before teeing off, enjoy the stunning view over St Konstantin’s Church. One more tip: the breaks on the green will surprise you…


A sharp dogleg to the left - Restaurant 19
The major feature of this par 4 is the sharp dogleg to the left. After teeing off, the hole slopes gently down. The green has two plateaus, several bunkers on the right-hand side and is defended by two large trees!


This is a fairly standard par 5 where your strategic skills come into play!
With a dogleg to the right, it’s better to aim slightly to the left when teeing off. The second shot isn’t especially long but must be very precisely aimed, as the following shot onto the green can be played as soon as there is a clear path.


A wonderful view over the ruins of castel Rovereto
The course heads uphill again from this par 3 – don’t let it distract you and aim straight ahead or, if playing for safety, slightly to the left-hand side. If the ball veers to the right, it will either land in a bunker or disappear altogether. Don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful views over...


Spectacular par 4
A spectacular south-facing par 4! Be careful in a headwind as the spin on the ball can be unpredictable. Aim slightly to the left.



With the green on the horizon
Stay slightly to the right with the first shot on this par 4, and don’t go too long or you’ll land in the rough! Enjoy the view on the second shot – the view stretches to the green with the village of Siusi coming into view just beyond that.


A sensational tee
The easiest hole on the entire course, a par 4. The tee is simply sensational. The green is well within reach of the first shot, but if you’re not quite playing at that level, take care with the second shot. The green is across the direction of play and beyond the green it’s downhill…


A par 3 with Europe’s greatest height differential
This par 3 features the greatest height differential of any in Europe. It’s a real joy to tee off here and look down over the green! Take five clubs less! A phenomenal view over hidden steeple of the church in the valley below!


Second toughest hole
It looks quite harmless but you will see why this par 4 is the second toughest on the course. As it heads uphill, proceed with caution as the hole seems to get narrower as you get closer!


The only way is straight for this spectacular, long par 3!
There are a few bunkers to the right of the green, and your ball will roll away if you hit it to the left of the green so, as said above – just keep it on the straight and narrow! If you manage a hole in one here then, as with all our other par 3 holes, you can watch from the tee as the ball...


A long drive makes a difference
Once again this par 4 heads uphill and a long drive matters here! The green might have a surprise in store for you. Don’t let yourself be distracted by the wonderful panoramic view over the Sciliar mountain!

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