Our green fee in S. Vigilio

No matter what kind of membership, perfect panorama views are always included

You enjoy playing at the S. Vigilio Golf Club and want to become a member? We are delighted to hear that. Here you will find all our membership prices, starting with annual memberships, all the way to second and visiting memberships and information on member hotels.


Prices for membership in the Golfclub St. Vigil
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Eligibility to play including use of all Golf Club facilities
You will receive an invoice!
€ 2.500,00
(incl. VAT and FIG card)
Annual member € 1.825,00
Second golf club € 1.600,00
New golfer
Valid in the year in which the course entrance qualification test is
The monthly gaming fee is payable from the month of the gaming season
until end of season due and has to be paid in advance
€ 250.00 monthly
plus € 100.00 FIG card (one-off payment)
Long-distance membership
For guests of a partner hotel with a minimum stay of one week
applicant's residence must be at least 200 km away 
€ 750,00
plus € 100.00 FIG card
Young players up to age 14 (born from 01 Jan. 2003) € 100,00
plus € 20 FIG card
Youngsters up to age 18 (born from 01 Jan. 1999) € 200,00
plus € 20 FIG card
Students up to age 26 (born on 01.01.1991) € 600,00
plus € 100.00 FIG card
Annual cart rental € 600,00
Family discount: for at least 4 memberships (parents - children) - 10% discount



If you are interested in one of these memberships, we kindly ask you to contact us, to send you the invoice before payment.

The number of members is limited and for all new applications the percentage distribution by catchment area (Hochplateau – Val Gardena – Talsohle) decided by the board is taken into account in order to achieve a balance among the members.